Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby Snow Oxen and Goldfish Poodles....

There is a myth that goldfish only have a three-second memory span and every lap of their fishbowl is like seeing the world for the first time. My friend Rod and I joke that we stay so frazzled that we often live our lives that way too. We are also easily excited (I blame that on coffee, I think Rod's energy is more Sweet Tea-induced....) so our friend Amy likens us to anxious Poodles. Which created the title "Goldfish Poodles" to describe us during the frequent moments when we have No Idea Where We Are But We Are Excited About It.

Contrastly, my friend Caitlin recently described a Nature Channel piece on Yaks (which she likes to call "Snow Oxen"), which showed the tragic events that take place when a baby doesn't make it into the protective herd huddle and is left to bleat sadly until it's demise at the mouth of wolves.

This week, I've been that Baby Snow Ox.

It would take too long to describe in detail what happened to me at work but it went something like this:

Me, 2 weeks ago: "Do you have edits to this really important document?"
Them, 2 weeks ago: "Eh, add a space here. That's all"
Me, Monday: And - SEND.
Them, Tuesday: "I actually do have edits - please see your really important document ALL COVERED IN RED with multiple questions you need to research and please write War And Peace but fit it into the length of The Cat In The Hat. That's all"
Me, Last night, delirious: ...aaand....re...send....zzzzz
Them, this morning: "You say you resent it? I only see this old version...we'll have to put this really important presentation on hold until we find the other version"
Me: *Head Hits Table*

Simultaneously, yesterday I had 2 homework assignments due, which, because I'm a Goldfish Poodle, I didn't fully grasp until...well, yesterday:

1. For the first class, I was to Read 6 chapters of a book I had yet to receive in the mail, and write a speech. I winged it. And got the book today.
2. I lazily glance at the workplan for my other class and see that there is some mythical schedule stating which students need to submit Podcasts on the Readings each week. And oh look! I was scheduled for this week! And it's due by midnight! Guess I need to figure out what a Podcast is! ....and buy a microphone....

Sigh. I finished everything around 2 am and got up to make a presentation. So currently, I feel like I've been run over. Or, eaten by wolves. But it's ok, because in a second I'll reset and be excited again.


  1. hilarious. there may be hope for you, but as for rod, he is doomed to poodledom for life.

  2. LOL. I adore using "Poodledom" in normal conversations, btw. And I don't know, I think I may be doomed as well. Sigh. Keeps life interesting though...