Sunday, June 5, 2011

Internal Homing Device strikes again

As I've mentioned, I often have weird run-ins with people I know or am connected to. Like the time I was sent from DC to Louisiana to help out with the response efforts for Hurricane Katrina and was told I'd be living on a music tour bus because there were no hotels. (some of the busses had just come off Ozzfest, so us Federal employees really weren't sure what this was going to entail...) Incidentally, that was the 2nd time I stayed on a tour bus, the first being when my Tennessee friends let me go on the road with them briefly while they played bluegrass around the country. I sold merchandise during their shows and slept three bunks up in the bus and had to scramble up like a spider monkey every time I went to bed. But enough about that.

Long story short, I started talking to the driver of the bus I lived on in Louisiana and we realized we both were friends with that band I had been on the road with. In fact, THEIR driver, who also happened to be one of my ex boyfriend's uncles, was actually in my Louisiana bus driver's cell phone contact list. Pretty random.

Anyway, many times, my "encounters" take embarrassing turns, often having to do with guys I've dated. And I had my latest surprising encounter this morning. In church, of all places.

My church meets in a movie theater and I decided today that I wanted to trek all the way to the top of the theater to sit alone, because I really just wanted to decompress and really hear the sermon. Right as service was starting, a guy I went out with YEARS ago - I seriously haven't seen this guy in at least 6 years and I'd call him a "significant" part of my past - walks over from his seat, which is also at the top of the theater.

Then he introduces me to his daughter.

And I don't know if he's married or anything, but service starts and he goes back to his seat one section over. And in the MIDDLE of the SERVICE his daughter walks into my row and hands me a picture of a flower she has just drawn. For me. Then goes back to her dad.

Seriously? I really think God has a sense of humor and I'm one of his favorite targets. I'm really hoping that by enduring weird situations like this, I'm storing up points that I can cash in one day and be like "that 6'2 gorgeous, successful, Christian man over there? That one is mine, God. I think we both know I've earned him."

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