Saturday, February 21, 2015


I went from seeing extreme poverty to seeing the most ridiculous wealth in a matter of hours.

I arrived in Dubai at 2 a.m. and had precisely 24 hours to tour around before boarding my last plane back to the states.

I made the most of it.

After curling up in a chair near a coffee kiosk and setting my travel alarm, I woke up around 8 or 9 am and began to convert the women's bathroom into my personal dressing room. I put my contacts back in my tired eyes, changed lcothes and put on makeup. I left my bags and jumped on the city metro train bound for the Old City.

I rode an Abra to the Old City, hit the gold Souk,

where I was immediatley pounced on by merchants. Ah yes, markets. This was not my first rodeo. 

I steeled against the "you want purses?" undercover implorings at each intersection I crossed. 

Where was the gold?

finally saw AH! gold then decided I did want purses. so the hunted became te hunter and I set out to find a purse guy.

It didn't take long. A man saw the .. in my eyes and began dragging me throught hte market.

This may have caused apprehension, but I knew what this was. I was once pushed into a fak door ...chiniatown then shoved out of it when the cops were coming.

I calmly and cheerfully let myself be run all over the market as if I were being kidnapped. This is all part of the game.

 was draggged around by a merchant, hit the spice and textile souks, rode a boat back, hopped in a cab, ran to the Burj... for the most expensive lunch I've ever had, took a golf cart over to .. to see more opulence before taking a cab up town to the Burj in time fo rmy appointment to go up to the hight observation tower, looked around the Dubai mall, saw the fountain show, took the metro train back to the mall of the emirates to see the ski lift, then finaly made it back to the airport in time to grab my things, take a cab over to the proper terminal, eat a sandwich and finally board my flight home at 2am on Monday. Which was delayed because of a medical emergency on board. 

Kentucky Derby winners are less tired than I was after that weekend.

OR just list: saw


took every form of transportaiton:

I'm of the Go Big or Go Home school of thought.

Saw seik going into gym. That whistle ring on every cell. Pretty sure I paid nearly 20 for sparkle water. Man in souk dragging me everywhere. Reminded me of China purse lady in nyc. "America supreme country. " how many territories?

Don't understand ppl who can fly intl in nice outfits. I had yoga pants and a sweater that would randomly show way too much and I felt nicer than normal.

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