Sunday, July 21, 2013

Now, Life is Living You

During my Japan adventures earlier this year (recounted HERE), I remember riding in a taxi past a sign that I barely caught but the phrase on it stayed with me from then on:

Honestly, I likely took it wrong and I felt like it was a good thing, like it was telling me as the reader that I've somehow beaten Life at its own game and my life had now become so exciting that "Life" is now aspiring to live me.

After briefly researching what others thought of it, however, it more likely means something bad-

-like life is running me over.

Which, at times, definitely feels like the case in my life at least. And it's not like I'm trying to win some prize at being the busiest person in the world (because we all know that prize belongs to Ryan Seacrest), it's more that - again, as explained HERE - I just do what feels "normal" to me. And normal for me is about 100 miles an hour (just kidding, Virginia State Troopers! I don't do that...anymore..) But sometimes, it does take it's toll.

Take: This Week

Besides my normal full-time job, I'm also in the middle of the following:

-finishing up the last few weeks of my Master's program (where one class is fairly normal, and the other is taught by a man who just recently informed us that he helped overthrow an Asian government in the 80's...)

-putting out "feelers" in my company for my next project, which requires me to participate in the equivalent of Online Dating for career opportunities. "Hi! We don't know each other, but I have admirable qualities and love long walks on the beach. Would you like to talk on the telephone or perhaps grab casual coffee with me sometime and discuss why you should date hire me onto your client service team?" (and then I add a fake resume and a photo from 10 years ago where I'm 3 dress sizes smaller than I am...)

-researching and applying for a potential new "part-time" thing that I'll disclose later if it pans out. (because I secretly am trying to give Ryan Seacrest a run for his money. And days don't just fill themselves up....)

-beginning the process to become a public relations rep for the Red Cross during local disasters. (Do not underestimate my sick powers of masochistically taking on too much responsibility, oh ye of reasonable decision-making!)

-giving dating advice (Yes, it makes me laugh too) to one friend; blogging advice to another; media relations to another; and I've pulled together marketing language on the fly for various random (URGENT, dang it!) requests from colleagues back at my company that has nothing to do with my normal client project.

AND -- you ready for this?

-considering an invitation to join a cross-country relay race that I'd need a week of time off and Bruce Jenner's old legs to complete.

And that was all before the weekend.

Now it's Saturday, and you know what I'm planning for this evening?

Hitting up three events in D.C. Which, in itself, it's probably ambitious but you know me too well to think that's the only challenge.

The events require wardrobe changes.

And shuttling back and forth between only two locations.

That's right, I've somehow managed to be involved with a birthday event at one place, a rooftop party at another, and a cocktail attire fundraiser back at the first place.

There are about 796 million venues in this city, give or take, and I've managed to require a visit to the same one twice in one night.

And let's talk about outfits for a second.

My first event: BBQ fare at a concert on the lawn of the National Building Museum. Outside. In 67% humidity. I mean, let's go ahead and just apply mascara directly to my cheeks and blush to my jaw bone because that's how it's all gunna slide down anyway.

Second event? Rooftop party at a different location where I need to put on a good impression because it will include a lot of new people who I may want to date and write blog posts about become friends with.

Third? You guessed it, back to the National Building Museum. This time, inside. At a formal event.

Did you catch that my first two events are outside and will leave me smelling like Honey Boo Boo's life?

This will be interesting.

This is my life. Or, the life that Life is living through me as a joke.

But I still like to look at that quote as a little of both sentiments. At times, the life I've chosen does run me over.

But I hope it's nonetheless a life that Life would appreciate.

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