Saturday, July 14, 2012

Gone For 40 Days

Hi Internet - I am taking part in a 40 day fast with my church that for me will include a little break from social media. I will be back late August. Feel free to look around at my old posts while I'm gone, leave me comments, suggest life coaches, or recommend dealers for cat prozac.

See you in August!


  1. Why? What possible reason could any church have for wanting you to give up social media? Just when I think I understand crap, some church does this and I end up for like a week asking myself in the shower “wtf?”

  2. No, they didn't tell me what to abstain from. The church is doing a corporate fast for 40 days (sort of like Lent) that is voluntary and you choose what you give up if you decide to participate. I chose a couple things that I personally thought would be healthy for me to live without for a bit. I think God speaks to us all but we don't always hear it over distractions and I could use some Divine guidance in my life right now :) (that said, I'm clearly violating my own fast by commenting on this so obviously I'm not doing so well...lol)

    I definitely don't want to portray church or God as a cosmic killjoy though. It hasn't been in my life. Self denial is something most people do, just not for religious purposes perhaps. That's why we drag ourselves to 6am spin class or choose apples over cookies. It's for long term betterment. That's kinda how I see fasting too. I get that people have all sorts of negative gut reactions to religion though so I hope no one feels alienated by me. Not trying to preach to anyone, just explaining my own beliefs.

    ....Aaaand now I want a cookie. Blasted! ;P

  3. And I'm not saying I think social media is bad, it was more just that I saw how it probably takes up more of my thoughts/energy/time than I realize. By giving that up for a time, I feel like I might get more out of this God thing I profess to believe in. :)